Price Match Policy

We'll match the product prices of authorized online and local competitors for new, same specification products (excludes clearance, refurbished and open-box items). Please note that not all items in our catalog qualifies for a price match. Please contact us first to learn if the item you are inquiring is qualified.

  • The price for an item must be valid at the time of match. We reserve the right to verify a competitor’s offered price and the availability of the item. If we are not able to verify the lower price, we may decline the request.
  • The item must be the identical item, brand name, size, weight, color, quantity and model number. It also must be sold and fulfilled by one of the authorized dealers of the item's brand. Any private seller prices will not be considered for price match request.
  • The competitor company should be located and operated within the continental United States. We in our sole discretion may decline to match any price offered by a non US business even they are authorized to sell the same brand.
  • When calculating the price of an item, we will add any extra costs found in the competitor's offer, including but not limited to sales tax, shipping and delivery costs and payment surcharge.
  • We reserve the right to limit price quantities of price matches per identical item per customer for matches.


We decline the price match request if your offer fits one or more of the below criterias.

  • Clearance, closeout, liquidation sales, damaged, used, open package, refurbished, pre-owned, or rent/lease to own items, offers that are generally advertised as % or $ off but cannot be validated as the offer is actually applicable to the item or non-branded items.
  • Pricing due to typographical errors, -we in our sole discretion may determine that any price lower than 25% of the MAP (manufacturer's minimum allowed advertised price) as typographical error- credit card offers, gift card offers, financing, service offers, bundled offers, sales tax promotions, free items, rebates or mail-in offers.

What qualifies as proof of a price when requesting a price match?

You can send us a screen shot, the exact URL address, written quote or invoice as a proof of a competitor's offer. Please note that all offer submissions and related documents are subject to validation before we approve your price match request.