Blue Ripper Sr Rail Saw

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Up to 10 FPM cut speed
1730 RPM TEFC Lincoln Induction Motor (2hp & 3hp models)
2hp 110v at 18 Amps
3hp 220v at 12.4 Amps
3450 RPM Custom Water-Cooled Induction Motor (5hp model)
5hp 220v at 22 Amps
14 inch blade
60mm blade arbor
8" diameter billet aluminum flanges
All connections mounted vertical
One-hand water disconnect
Easy-adjust locking height adjustment
Weight: Only 68 lbs (5hp) to 79 lbs approx. on (2 and 3hp) models!
Cuts through 4cm (1-5/8") stone
Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA!
Included Items
Blue Ripper Sr Rail Saw
14" J Slot Granite Blade. This blade is thin & aggressive. (This is the fastest blade we've tested cutting granite so far)
Premium water hose quick disconnect
10ft. water hose with inline ball-valve shut-off
Inline GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
7ft. Stainless Steel Rail
13ft. on piece Stainless Steel Rail (note this rail must ship via truck)

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